Prioritize your wellness with a daily, achievable self-care goal for the day via text message

Text “Wellness” to 415-548-4616 to sign up!

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What do you receive daily?

Self-Care Goal of the Day

Text 415-548-4616 to start!

Receive one, simple goal to do daily – no more, no less.


Text 415-548-4616 to start!

Receive suggestions on how to accomplish the goal


Text 415-548-4616 to start!

Gain access to an exclusive community to share your journey and get inspired

Our mission is to provide you with FREE resources and goals to work on your overall wellness (physical, mental, spiritual, social) in order to help you improve your life. We believe that wellness should be accessible to all, so we find the best free resources out there and send one daily easy-to-do challenge so all you have to do is take some much needed me time.


  • How will my number be used?
    • Only for the daily texts!
  • How is this different than meditation or fitness apps?
    • The goal of Daily Wellness is not to become a mediation or fitness app. The daily goals rotate through several different ways of self-care for people with busy schedules but also repeat occasionally to build those practices over time. It’s not meant to replace an activity you do continuously but meant to be added as a supplement with one easy, accomplishable daily goal.
  • Can I track my progress?
    • Yes, you can reply “done” to the texts when you finish the activity to track your progress
  • What types of goals can I expect?
    • The daily goals rotate frequently, some examples are going on a 20 minute walk, doing a 5 minute meditation, calling a loved one for a few minutes, drinking 1 gallon of water etc. They are meant to be easy, little things you are able to accomplish in one day

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