2021 On your Feet Challenge

2021 Miles in 2021

Run/Walk/Hike/Hop/Skip/Jump 2021 miles in the year 2021 with a community of people who have the same goal

What to expect in the 2021 community

Meet many people

The running community is hosted online on Discord, so you can connect with people internally and also form local groups!

Get Motivated

Stay accountable with like-minded people sharing tips and tricks to get to the 2021 miles

Keep Track!

Keep track of your miles with your favorite tools or we can help you get setup with options!

Take part in virtual events like virtual 5K’s, 10K’s , marathons- with the goal of these getting us to 2021 miles!

Have trouble joining or want to contact us? Use the form below!


  • Is there a cost?
    • No, this is free to join and participate
  • What if I can’t do 2021 miles?
    • That is completely okay! As long as you try and are a supportive member in the community, you can join!
  • Do I have to run?
    • No! You can walk or run the miles or jump/skip/whatever works for you! But it has to be on your feet (so no biking)

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